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What is a Wart?

Warts are most usually seen on the palms, fingers, and near the nails. While generally unattractive and the cause of embarrassment for some, they are a common skin condition. Warts generally look like small, fleshy peas, but they may differ in size. It's also common for warts to develop in groups near the elbows and knees. Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts are normally spread from skin-to-skin contact or by touching an object a wart has been in contact with, such as exercise equipment or a phone. It's easier to contract warts through a scrape or cut in the skin so areas that are frequently shaved (the face, legs, or under the arms) are at greater risk. Though warts are usually harmless, they can be irritating and unsightly. Store-bought wart removal products are usually not strong enough, which is why our dermatologists provide wart removal at our office in Dallas, TX. If you have a wart you'd like removed, schedule a consultation at Dermatology Center of Dallas.

What to Expect From Wart Treatment

At Dermatology Center of Dallas, our dermatologists treat a variety of warts. A few common treatments include:

  • Freezing (cryotherapy): This is a common treatment and can be done with success. With this technique, our team applies liquid nitrogen to the wart, which causes a blister to develop and the wart to fall off within a week or so.
  • Cantharidin: This is a chemical that can cause redness of the skin once applied to a wart. The cantharidin creates a blister around the wart and typically causes little to no discomfort.
  • Electrosurgery (burning): This is a solution in which the wart is burned off.
  • Curetting (scraping): This occurs when the wart is scraped or cut away.

Laser treatments, chemical peels, bleomycin injections, or immunotherapy may also be used for treatment when the wart(s) is difficult to treat.

Warts FAQ

Are warts dangerous?

Generally, warts aren't dangerous or malignant. Most warts can disappear by themselves after several months or years, but most of the time, they will return or even extend to different areas of the body. Additionally, quite a few people consider them unsightly and embarrassing. Because of these reasons, it is a good choice to have your warts assessed and addressed by a healthcare expert. The providers at Dermatology Center of Dallas concentrate on addressing all kinds of warts and will offer the assistance you need.

What is the cause of warts?

Warts are triggered by the human papillomavirus (HPV). The infection usually spreads through a break or laceration in the skin, resulting in an infection that makes warts form. Warts are communicable, mainly passing by person-to-person contact or by touching a contaminated surface or object.

How can I remove my warts?

Although over-the-counter medicines for warts are easily available, they are not always effective at clearing away the concern. Additionally, attempting to extract or freeze off a wart by yourself could cause harm to the skin. Our staff at Dermatology Center of Dallas provides safe treatments to remove warts and help prevent them from redeveloping. When you require treatment for a wart, call our office in Dallas, TX now.

Wart and Worry-Free

Even though most warts are benign, you probably would like them removed as soon as possible. Rather than wasting money with home products, you can have your wart(s) checked out by an experienced professional, like our dermatologists. Our team will inspect the wart(s) to ascertain the kind and best course of treatment. Contact Dermatology Center of Dallas in Dallas, TX to schedule a consultation to treat current warts and minimize future outbreaks.

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