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What is CoolSculpting?

Cutting-edge CoolSculpting is a fat cell minimizing treatment created to sculpt and contour your body by freezing away stubborn fat without going under the knife. The technique includes the use of monitored cooling (cryolipolysis) to freeze fat cells so they may be naturally flushed from your body to reveal a slimmer physique. At Dermatology Center of Dallas, our experienced practitioners perform state-of-the-art CoolSculpting treatments to help you meet your aesthetic goals. To find out if you're a great candidate for fat reduction with CoolSculpting, reach out and schedule an appointment at our office in Dallas, TX.

What Are the Benefits of CoolSculpting?

For our Dallas, TX patients who are ready for a change to areas of excess fat cells that have been resistant to other types of methods, like dieting and exercising, CoolSculpting at Dermatology Center of Dallas is a great treatment option to pursue that offers many perks, such as:

  • Reduction of stubborn fat
  • Natural-looking, beautiful outcomes that you may observe nearly immediately
  • FDA-approved, effective, and safe treatment
  • No downtime or recovery, in contrast to highly invasive services such as liposuction

Am I a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

While this modern treatment can produce stunning results for a variety of individuals, certain factors can help produce the most optimal results. Ideal candidates for CoolSculpting at the Dermatology Center of Dallas include:

  • Patients at or near their ideal weight
  • Experience stubborn areas of fat that don't respond to exercise and diet efforts
  • Don't want or are not ideal candidates for surgery
  • Have realistic goals for the results of their treatment

What to Expect with CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is ideal for men and women who are at or near their ideal weight but struggle with stubborn fatty deposits that they can't seem to lose naturally. The treatment takes about 35 minutes per treated area and will be performed at our Dallas, TX office. A handpiece will be used to deliver cooling energy that targets and freezes fat beneath the skin. 

What can I expect after CoolSculpting?

Immediately following your CoolSculpting treatment session, you may feel some soreness, numbness, or tingling at the treatment sites. The skin may also be slightly red or swollen. These temporary side effects are typically mild and resolve quickly within a few days or even sooner.  Since CoolSculpting is noninvasive, you can return to your normal activities right after your treatment. Over the course of the next several weeks, you should begin to notice your treated areas slimming down and newly shaped contours developing. You should notice preliminary outcomes within about three weeks, with most dramatic results appearing 1 – 3 months following your treatment. Our team will let you know if multiple sessions are recommended to achieve your best results.

CoolSculpting FAQ

How much does CoolSculpting cost?
The expense of CoolSculpting varies based on the number of treatments needed and the amount of fat that will be removed. At your consultation, we will discuss your aesthetic goals to choose the best course of treatment to achieve those results. We will also talk with you regarding any anticipated out-of-pocket expenses.

How does CoolSculpting work?
CoolSculpting works by applying a controlled temperature to target fat cells in predetermined regions for treatment. Essentially, it cools the fat cells while they die. The cells are subsequently broken down by the body and dispersed through natural functions.

How many sessions will I need?
The number of treatments needed to achieve your desired outcome will be determined during your consultation. For many patients, only one treatment is sufficient, while others may require more treatment sessions depending on the quantity of fat being removed. The total number of treatments depends on your aesthetic objectives and if you have larger layers of fat in target sections.

Can the fat cells grow back?
While the fat cells cannot regrow, new fat cells may form. Additionally, significant weight gain can greatly impact your results. Thus, in order to maintain your desired effects, it is crucial to stick to a healthy diet plan and workout regimen.

Slimmer Contour

Thanks to modern technology, you no longer have to decide between living with the excess fat and undergoing surgical liposuction. Dermatology Center of Dallas is proud to offer CoolSculpting treatments to minimize areas of stubborn fat without invasive procedures for a smaller, tauter silhouette. Schedule a consultation to find out if you are an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting or another procedure to meet your aesthetic goals.

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