Cysts and Benign Growths in Dallas, TX

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What is a Cyst?

Cysts are rather common among individuals and are in the majority of circumstances noncancerous. They appear as sac-like cavities that are usually full of dead skin. Cysts can occur anywhere on the body and in all sizes and shapes, feeling similar to a pea-sized lesion below the skin. While most cysts do not cause pain or harm, some may grow to become intimidating for patients. Those that are bigger in size usually are removed and sent for evaluation to be sure they're in fact benign. Our Dallas, TX practice, Dermatology Center of Dallas, treats various kinds of cysts under the guidance of our skilled dermatologists and can offer an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan according to your medical needs and history.

What is a Benign Growth?

A benign growth is an abnormal growth of cells that does not serve any purpose to the body. In most cases, they are not harmful and do not spread to other areas or to the organs. However, benign growths may need to be removed if they press on blood vessels or nerves. Additionally, a growth may be removed if you are unhappy with its appearance.

How is a Cyst or Benign Growth Removed?

Lots of different treatment solutions are available at Dermatology Center of Dallas if you're experiencing cysts or a benign growth. General treatment for cysts and benign growths involves draining the lump or eliminating it through a surgical procedure. Cysts that are swollen frequently respond positively to a cortisone injection, which will cause it to shrink in proportion. The fantastic thing is that most kinds of cysts and benign growths may be effectively treated once a proper diagnosis has been established.

Advanced Dermatology Care

If you find yourself suffering from cysts or benign growths and would like to obtain treatment, we encourage you to contact Dermatology Center of Dallas to arrange an appointment. A detailed physical examination will be provided and also a treatment plan recommended for an efficient removal. Cysts and benign growths can cause unnecessary stress so we encourage anyone who is feeling anxious about a growth under the skin to seek solutions during a consultation at our Dallas, TX office.

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