How Does BOTOX® Differ From Facial Fillers?

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At Dermatology Center of Dallas, we provide the very best in cosmetic procedures that will give your skin beautiful results in Dallas, TX. If you are looking for a smoother, more youthful appearance, our BOTOX injections help you correct many wrinkles that appear around your face.

You may notice that BOTOX is one of many solutions you can use for your face. You could also consider dermal fillers for your treatment needs, but BOTOX works differently from those fillers. Here’s a look at what you can expect out of BOTOX versus dermal fillers for your face.

Understanding BOTOX

BOTOX is a muscle-relaxing agent that comes from a type of botulinum toxin. BOTOX corrects wrinkles around the face. These include wrinkles that appear around the eyes and mouth, plus dynamic wrinkles that appear between the eyebrows.

The injection will relax the muscles around the wrinkles, keeping them from moving as much. By preventing these muscles from moving, dynamic wrinkles will be less likely to appear.

What about dermal fillers?

You could also consider dermal fillers when looking for solutions at Dermatology Center of Dallas. Dermal fillers also treat wrinkles, although they are mainly for treating smile lines. Fillers can also plump up various tissues, including lips and cheeks, that don’t have enough volume.

The filler will not influence the muscles around your face, like what you will get from a BOTOX injection. But it takes a little longer for the filler to produce results when compared with what BOTOX produces.

How long do the results last?

The results of BOTOX treatment will last for about 3 – 4 months on average. The timeframe provides actionable results that will help you look your best. You would require a new injection after the effects wear. The face should respond well to the treatment when managed well.

The dermal filler might last for a few years on average, but it too will also wear after a while. You would require maintenance treatments after the original filler application weakens.

What about the side effects?

Both BOTOX and dermal fillers will produce side effects, but the intensity of those effects will vary by situation. BOTOX is easy for the body to tolerate, although you may experience bruising around the injection site. Some redness or headaches may develop, although those will be for a few days following the injection in Dallas, TX.

Dermal fillers can produce more side effects, including itching and numbness in the area. You may also develop an allergic reaction, although that would depend on the filler material used in the process. Taking an allergy test before receiving your filler may be critical to your success.

Whatever the case, you’ll respond better to the treatment you choose if you are in good health. Be sure you keep your body weight under control and avoid smoking for the best results.

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