Four Areas on the Body to Restore With Thermage® Skin Tightening

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Thermage® is an exciting skin tightening solution that can be used for most patients in Dallas, TX. The noninvasive approach uses radiofrequency signals to smooth and tighten the skin, helping men and women reach their aesthetic goals. Our team at Dermatology Center of Dallas is excited to offer the Thermage treatment for patients throughout the DFW area.

Thermage uses radiofrequency rays to heat the deepest parts of the skin, while a cooling tip keeps the patient comfortable. The heat causes the skin to contract, as the water molecules in the skin are separated from the collagen. The effort triggers the production of new collagen, helping to tighten the skin and help it look younger. The solution produces results in 1 – 2 treatments on average, with the effects lasting for about six months in most situations.

Thermage is suitable for many parts of the body. Here are four areas where you can expect this treatment solution to reduce loose skin.

  1. The face

Thermage is ideal for the face, as it can target various areas where the skin is sagging. It can work around the jawline to keep loose skin from being too visible. It can also reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyelids and mouth.

  1. The thighs

The thighs are common places where your skin might start to sag or weaken after a while. You may notice wrinkles and other sagging spots that might make it harder for you to wear certain clothes. But the Thermage treatment at Dermatology Center of Dallas can help trigger the production of healthy collagen in those areas, producing a tighter look when managed well.

The practice also minimizes the appearance of cellulite on the thighs. Your skin’s texture should improve following the treatment, allowing a smoother body where the cellulite around the area isn’t visible.

  1. The knees

Your knees can also experience sagging and wear over the years. The knees are often likely to develop sagging spots and a wrinkled appearance. The problem can cause this area of the body to look unattractive. Thermage does well in reducing how the skin appears around the knees.

  1. The abdomen

The abdomen can also have loose skin, especially if you have lost a significant amount of weight. Loose skin in the abdomen will keep your profile from looking even or clean. You might not notice your abdominal muscles if the tissue is sagging. But with Thermage, your skin will become tighter to where it will feel easier to manage and won’t become weak.

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Thermage is an outstanding approach to skin tightening that most patients love. Our experts at Dermatology Center of Dallas are proud to offer Thermage to help men and women who have loose or sagging skin. The noninvasive treatment is simple and easy to manage, so contact us today to schedule an appointment in Dallas, TX and see if Thermage is right for you.

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