Can Laser Skin Resurfacing Minimize Large Pores?

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Over time, many different things can affect the surface of your skin, such as sun exposure, medications, genetics, and more. These things may cause uneven tone, large pores, or even acne. However, with laser skin resurfacing, you can treat these issues and more. Our expert team can help you determine the best treatment option for your specific goals and needs. Schedule a consultation with Dermatology Center of Dallas in Dallas, TX to learn more about how laser skin resurfacing can help you today.

What is laser skin resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a nonsurgical treatment designed to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, such as large pores, pigmentation, facial lines, wrinkles, and more. Our office uses fractional laser technology by Fraxel® to give your skin a softer and younger appearance. This is achieved when the laser makes small holes in the deeper layers of your skin. During your procedure, the laser handpiece will glide over your skin, targeting the areas that need to be reinvigorated. After the heat of the laser, you may feel cold air blowing on you; this is from the built-in cooling system. If you think you may need laser skin resurfacing, contact Dermatology Center of Dallas in Dallas TX to learn how our expert team can help you today.

What should I know about laser skin resurfacing with Fraxel?

Fraxel is a nonsurgical, non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing treatment that can treat many issues, such as fine lines and wrinkles, scarring on the surface of your skin, pigmentation, sun damage, and even actinic keratosis. Non-ablative lasers work by heating the underlying tissue of your skin without harming the surface. This helps to promote the production of collagen within the skin. This technology has integrated cooling to help keep you comfortable during the procedure.

Frequently asked questions

How many laser skin resurfacing treatments will I need? Most patients need 3 – 5 treatments spaced approximately 2 – 4 weeks apart. These results are based on the average person's ideal results. This is dependent on your specific condition and healing time.

Does laser skin resurfacing treatment hurt? Most people describe the sensation of the laser as a heating sensation. However, if you are worried about the pain, you may ask for a topical anesthetic to be used.

How can I make sure my healing goes well? The most important part of healing is that you do not pick at the skin that is crusting and peeling. However, you should apply sunscreen and moisturizer on a daily basis to keep your skin healthy.

Where can I get laser skin resurfacing in Dallas, TX?

Laser skin resurfacing can treat many skin issues, including large pores. Our expert team can help you determine if laser skin resurfacing is a good option for you. Contact Dermatology Center of Dallas in Dallas, TX for a full consultation on the overall state of your aesthetic goals and needs.

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