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At Dermatology Center of Dallas, our board-certified doctors hold a wealth of training and expertise in providing the latest treatment options for cosmetic skin rejuvenation, acne, BOTOX, dermal fillers, and more. Our goal is to earn your trust every step of the way as we provide a high level of compassionate care like none other. To learn about the experiences of some of our past patients, we invite you to browse the following reviews. We are proud to be a top choice provider for Dallas area patients and those who live in the northern suburbs of Plano and Frisco.

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Review from R.L.  |  Source: Yelp  |  Dec 24, 2009

Dr. Hino came highly recommended by a botox junkie (or professional, whatever!) friend. Since I live in Austin and occasionally visit Dallas for business I had to wait for my chance!  Ended up having to make a short last-minute trip and Dr. Hino was booked the following day, however his wonderful staff worked me in between appointments.  Dr. Hino does all the botox injections himself, and what a nice guy!  He asked what I wanted to fix, explained what he could do to fix it, then got to work.  There is a flat rate charge per area, not a charge for "units." Had two areas treated, absolutely NO pain at the injection sites, but I did get a headache as the day progressed, which got worse as the night went on but not anything unmanageable, just took an aspirin and went to bed.  Within a few days I could feel the muscles slowly relax, and a couple weeks later the botox was doing great things I didn’t even expect!  It smoothed out the skin in ways I wish could work in other areas, even seemed like it was slightly plumping and tightening.  After about 6 months I was starting to see the effects lessen, and at about 8 months decided only needed a touch up, and still not a full treatment. Since a Dallas trip was not on the horizon I decided to set a touch up appointment at a med-spa in Austin that charged by the unit.  The touch up was okay, in a kinda-sorta way, maybe I wasn’t given enough botox or maybe it was a lesser grade botox, if there is such a thing, who knows.  Let me just say that the experience and results with Dr. Hino would personally justify a trip to Dallas just for botox, I just felt as though I’d be turning into slight botox junkie (or professional, whatever!) myself, I’m always walking that receational user/full blown junkie tightrope with these maintenance procedures, so i’ll stick to only seeing him when I’m already in town on business. More

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